OlalaShopping it is own by OLALA.COM.AU (TM) OLALA.COM.AU, known as OLALA Agency is an Australian based software house and Network solution provider. Since 2008, OLALA.COM.AU provides Web services and IT (network) solutions to small to medium companies that have offices / warehouses in one or more physical locations. Some of our clients are providers for government and military organizations. OLALA.COM.AU TM works in respect with QA (ISO standard 9001) Why olalashopping? Often providing a network solution leads to replacing or adding new hardware and software to the existing configuration. For a consumer, buying the right equipment is challenging because of the fast-technological evolution. Most of them end up buying old technology at the price of the new technology. On the other hand, buying the most powerful network equipment does not necessary means it will best fit for consumer needs. In these conditions, the OLALLA team put itself in the position to outsourcing IT equipment for their customers. At OLALA, we are keen to find high quality hardware and software which is built with latest technology and will guaranty to our customers the maximum longevity for what they will buy from us. We target brands well known between IT engineers, brands which have the experience and the technology to deliver reliable equipment. The price a customer will pay for this kind of product may not be the cheapest, but consider that if you buy a product for at least few years to come it will be less expensive and frustration free than buying a cheaper version every year. When it is about you and your employee health ad performance (good monitors for example) and about you and your clients' security (for example network security devices; firewalls & routers) then buying cheap should be the very last concern. We will provide you comprehensible information about every product to make easier for you to decide what you need to buy. We are here to help you – just ask If you are having difficulty finding the right IT hardware or software, please ask us for advice.

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Synnex specializes in distributing branded, high quality ICT products with over 7000 Resellers and major National Retailers in Australia.

OLALA.COM.AU TM is SYNNEX reseller since 2016


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