OLALA Shopping Cart

Brand: Olala Agency

Run your online shop now!

OlalaShopping cart is the most easy to manage and complex at the same time shopping cart system.
  • You will have your online shop loaded with products in days.
  • Out of box can set as a simple online shop or a re-seller platform that use multiple warehouses.
  • It is highly focused on business: includes marketing & price computation tools.

Out of box it can be used by:

  • Shop owner who is not tax payer, does not use brands a small, etc. He wants just to sell products online in the simplest and easy possible way.
  • Multinational corporate or factory that has multiple warehouses, multiple based currencies, resellers, distributors & military (special access level) and more
OlalaShopping cartis suitable for all kinds of businesses from small businesses to multi warehouses and / or multi sites businesses with thousands of products. Your website can operate as normal eCommerce website or as request quote kind of website or combination of the two.

What is included:

  • One month free hosting
  • Customize your website to look and feel as you desire and to fit your business needs.
  • Setting up 5 of your products (we produce content and do SEO).
  • Setup Google and Microsoft accounts (if applicable/you have not) and add your website to Google Master Tools/ Microsoft Tools and Google analytic

Monthly fee

pay separately recurring payment from debit, credit card or PayPal
AU$90 - Amazon cloud, Sydney datacentre
AU$78 - Amazon cloud, Virginia datacentre

  • 500MB space.
    You can have 300 items (records in accounting or product variants) with 2 image ~ 1200px x 1200px per item. It is a good start for an online shop
  • 5GB backup space in Amazon AWS.
    In this space is automatically backup your account (files, emails and database) every day)
    There are kept last 3 backups in a week, and last backup from Sunday (previous week). Even if server is compromised or crashes you will may lose last 24 hours transactions only and your account will be restored in hours or less.
  • Unlimited traffic (common sense rules apply)
  • Technical support by email and Skype - business hours AEST - up to 24 hours response time

Online documentationand tutorials are available here

Multiple level of prices

  • You can assign to your users (re-sellers) specific prices - there are 6 basic level of prices.
  • It is an unique implementation because system allows virtually unlimited price level (you can negotiate and make happy any re-seller) and allow at the same time price update from MYOB.

Multiple access level

  • Allow to make visible products and / or resources (pdf, images) only to specific users.
  • Necessary if your website has special categories of users like military / gov departments.
  • Can be used if you wish to allow specific re-sellers to be able to buy and re-sell only specific products in specific geo-areas and you sell to end users only products that does not affect your resellers.

Multiple base currencies

  • It is an unique concept - allow to set product price in Suppliers currencies and sell in website currency.
  • It allows you to compute and set very quick selling price and this price NOT be affect by the exchange rate.


The shop administrator has a powerful, simple and robust. From settings, your online shop will be personalized to meet your business needs. For increased flexibility, the overall setting can be overwritten by specifics into product management.



OlalaShopping is built search engine friendly and meta tags are staying at your fingers to use them. We went few steps further yet by featuring OS with autocomplete meta tags with the name of the product and offering you in documentation some comprehensive sensitive advises with common sense.


There are two way of having it running:

  • 1) Install on your server
    Unzip files on server and unpack them from a package (tar.gz format)
    Login in admin and do your fine tuning.
    - We configure your system and load with 5 products - it is part of one-time fee
    - We DO NOT guaranty any functionality on any server that is not on our infrastructure. It does not mean your system will not work but it means that any issue you may have is out of our control

  • 2) Your system is running on our infrastructure in Amazon AWS cloud. You will choose Sydney or Virginia datacentre
    - We configure your system and load with 5 products - it is part of one-time fee
    - We guaranty maximum availability and scalability. Initially your subscription includes 500MB space (high speed SSD) and unlimited traffic
    - This is the option we highly recommend


All upgrades are applied automatically and you will be notified by email: what was fix (bugs), what was improved / changed
Documentation will be updated as soon as possible to include any changes / goodies added

Upgrades will NOT create disruptions
We are happy to implement into system any request you may have. Please let us know about.


OlalaShopping cart - your online shop is protected:
- it is behind two firewalls: Amazon cloud (ports level) & VPS (access level rules)
- has encrypted code (even someone will get access, cannot read it)
- all files uploaded are scanned in real time against viruses and malware
- all files, including system updates are scanned against malware & root kits (paid subscription)